SLH twin-srew pumps


As twin-screw pumps, Bornemann SLH pumps combine the advantages of a conventional positive displacement pump with the performance of a centrifugal pump. They transport low- and high-viscosity products and achieve the flow rate required for CIP. This eliminates the need for a second pump and reduces the number of valves, piping and controls, thereby optimising costs.

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Advantages of the SLH twin-screw pump

Low pulsation and constant flow

Bornemann twin-screw pumps operate with almost no pulsation to avoid pipework vibrations, which is particularly important in aseptic conditions. The optimised backflow selection for the pumping screw guarantees a constant flow rate when dosing or feeding UHT to ensure a constant temperature level, despite changes in pressure or viscosity.

Temperature stable and high viscosity

Heating jackets ensure a constant product temperature for efficient and safe transport. The open suction system, on the other hand, allows high-viscosity media to enter the pump directly without problems.

Product integrity

The main advantage of SLH pump operation is the integrity of the structure of the pumped medium. The axial transfer and non-contact screw principle protects the product and maintains its size, shape and visual integrity.

The 2-in-1 principle

Thanks to the wide range of speed values of the SLH pump, up to 3600 RPM, it is possible to perform a process cycle as well as CIP and SIP using the same pump.

CIP circuit
Use of the SLH pump

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